The feast day of St. George the victorious

Today the Orthodox honor the memory of George.

День пам&#039яті святого Георгія Побідоносця

Today is a memorable day among Orthodox Christians in Georgia in the memory of the wheel of the great Martyr George.

The Holy GreatMartyr George the victory-bearer was a native of Cappadocia – a region in Asia Minor, in present Turkey. He grew up in a Christian family. His father was martyred for Christ, when George was still a child. Mother, owning lands in Palestine, moved with her son at home.

Entered military service, George was spotted by the Emperor Diocletian and adopted in its custody. However, when Diocletian began the persecution of Christians, George distributed his inheritance to the poor and openly for the Christian faith. For this he was tortured for a long time in prison. Legend has it that some would not use torture to George, he strangely salassa from his wounds. Even when he was on the wheel (in this case torture broke the large bone in the body, and then tied the prisoner to a wheel and left to die), George rose up healed. Eventually the Saint was beheaded.

День пам&#039яті святого Георгія Побідоносця

In Georgia is especially venerated this Saint. The first temple in honor of George was built in the year 335. The life of the Saint was first translated into Georgian at the end of X century. On the state flag of Georgia there is the George cross.

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