The father of the family planted the bomb

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 The father planted the bomb

Nisim Mosley is suspected in the case of planting an explosive device along with three of his accomplices. The incident happened about six months ago, and since then Mosley and the three have been arrested and released, but the investigation against them continues.

“Father” crime family Nissim Mosley and three of his accomplices are suspected of involvement in the bomb planting incident that occurred six months ago. All four were previously arrested and released, but the investigation against them is ongoing and their phones have been confiscated by police until further notice. Mosley and his associates are suspected of plotting to harm a business rival.

Mosley Sr. is a familiar figure to the police, and his sons Yossi, Eli and Shai, who fled to South Africa, are considered national targets. International Investigation Unit Lahav 433 and Tel Aviv District Police Central Unit. The Mosley family amassed much of their wealth from wholesale market stalls and gambling clubs in southern Tel Aviv.

Nissim's lawyer, lawyer Shahar Khatzroni, recently applied to the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court demanding the return of confiscated goods from his equipment, but the investigators objected and asked to keep the items until a final decision was made on the lawyer's request. In the near future, the court will discuss the police request on this issue.

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