The fastest divorce happened in Iraq: the bride danced to a bad song

 The fastest divorce ever happened in Iraq: the bride danced to a bad song

In Baghdad, a couple set a real record for the shortest married life.

The bride danced to a provocative song at the wedding, and on the same day couple divorced.

A man divorced his new wife — after she asked the DJ to play the song at their wedding and danced to it with obvious joy, causing a major quarrel between the two families.

The couple eventually decided to part ways after the celebrations were over.

According to local media, the woman asked to dance to the Syrian song of the singer Lamis Kan “Mesaytara”. And in the song itself there were these words: “I dominate. And I will control you. I dominate, you will obey my strict instructions, I will drive you crazy if you look at other women in the street. Yes, I dominate. You are my sugar cube. As long as you are with me, you will follow my orders”.

that in the song she “means that women control men with their femininity and nothing else.”

However, while the bride was dancing, the groom and his family were impressed.

Young took the choice of song as an “insult” and provocation towards him, and very quickly the two families fell into a religious dispute that escalated into a fight.

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