The fashionable ambulance is on its way. How can nail salons be dangerous?

Victims of glamor, Proven rushes to the rescue

Beautiful manicure & ndash; it's a whole culture. After all, it serves as an ideal complement to any image, emphasizing the style and character of its owner. There is no doubt that many women today simply cannot imagine life without extended nails or nails covered with gel, and ordinary varnishes are no longer so desirable due to their fragility. But sometimes such beauty presents us with unpleasant surprises, for example, nail fungus or onycholysis & ndash; detachment of the nail plate from the soft tissues of the finger.

Let's try to figure out in which cases a trip to a beauty salon can lead to unexpected consequences.

First of all, sign up for a manicure and pedicure with trusted specialists. An improperly performed manicure can cause the development of fungus or detachment of the nail plate. There are many “ specialists '' amateurs on the market in the field of beauty who are simply not familiar with all the features of working with gel polish. You should not save on your health and carelessly treat the choice of a master.

The next thing you should pay attention to are materials and tools.

The use of low-quality coatings that get very hot under the lamp can lead to microtraumatization of the vessels of the nail plate and the nail itself.

The danger in terms of infection is represented by manicure tools (nail files, scissors, pushers, etc.). It is very important that the technician sterilizes the instruments in front of each client, or better yet, use disposable manicure sets. Do not hesitate to ask questions about compliance with hygiene standards in the salon, because this question is absolutely pertinent, and you will feel calm.

You may be surprised, but removing the coating is just as important a process as creating this beauty. Incorrect gel polish removal technology can lead to thinning and deformation of the nail plate. And in this state, the nails are more susceptible to fungal infections.

If you like to wear your manicure longer, putting off the trip to the salon, you should give up this habit. After all, prolonged wearing of gel polish can lead to infection with a fungus or nail infection.

Why is this happening? The coating puts stress on the growing tip of the nail and the root of the nail suffers from the weight. In this situation, the nail plate loses its ability to be cleaned naturally, its thickness and relief change.

If you notice any changes in the nail plate (the nail exfoliates, changes color, exfoliates from the bed, thickens, there is a smell), you should be tested for fungus.

In case of infection, do not be upset. Timely and correct treatment will help to solve this problem one or two times. More recently, a universal remedy approved by the Ministry of Health appeared on the Israeli market, & ndash; drops for the treatment of problems of the nail plate Proven.

In developing Proven, Israeli experts drew on practical experience gained over more than 20 years of yullia premium beauty salons and yullia school. This drug is able to defeat all types of fungus, onycholysis, other nail diseases and eczema of the foot.
Based on natural ingredients, drops contain ingredients such as jojoba and tea tree oil, vitamin E, eucalyptus oil. The formula also includes menthol, which normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and absorbs excess sebum, reduces irritation and redness, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Tea tree oil is a strong natural antiseptic, it normalizes the oiliness of the skin, relieves it of local inflammatory processes. Eucalyptus oil promotes the natural renewal of skin cells for a healthy looking skin.

Who can use Proven? Drops are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, including pregnant and lactating women, as well as patients with diabetes.

After passing many dermatological and hypoallergenic tests, Proven drops were approved by the Diabetes Association and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The product has been clinically tested in the renowned international network of J.S. Hamilton, specializing in microbiological and chemical research in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals. As a result of the research, PROVEN drops received the official mark “ Clinically tested. ''

No animal experiments were carried out during the development and testing of the drug.

The drops are produced in Jerusalem under the strictest control, in accordance with the standards of the International Organization for Standardization ISO and with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approval. GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, & mdash; it is an international standard that defines the requirements for the release of medicinal products. GMP standards & mdash; these are not just wishes for production, but strict requirements. By using medications or products of GMP certified companies, you can be sure of your health.

By purchasing Proven drops, you get a pleasant bonus – a free first procedure and training in the use of the product. To do this, you can come to any of the yullia beauty salons.

Those who have a share of skepticism and mistrust will appreciate the following information. If the remedy doesn't work for you, you will get your money back. 100% of the amount! Of course, if you follow all the recommendations for use.

You can learn more about the drug, purchase it and familiarize yourself with the terms of a possible refund on the company's website in Russian

A glamorous manicure is good, but first of all, keep your nails strong and healthy!

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