The famous virtuoso piano laments over 150 thousand pounds, which broke the movers

Знаменитая виртуоз оплакивает фортепиано за 150 тысяч фунтов, которое разбили грузчики

The famous virtuoso piano laments over 150 thousand pounds, which the movers broke [photos]
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Angela Hewitt assures that like you lost your best friend.

A unique piano with a minimum value of 150 000 pounds, which belonged to the canadian virtuoso Angela Hewitt, dropped working. About it reports The Guardian.

– I loved that piano. It was my best friend, best companion, – she assured.

The incident occurred late last month after Hewitt finished the recordings of piano variations, Beethoven’s Berlin Studio. This loss brought the woman into shock, so it took her 10 days to tell the bad news to your friends on Facebook.

In his post on Facebook Angela wrote that her instrument, Fazioli F278, (the only one in the world, which is equipped with four pedals) and “kaputt”.

There is no sense neither in financial, nor in the art to rebuild this piano from scratch. It’s kaput. I hope it will be happy in heaven for the piano, she said.

Broken 590-pound tool has been examined by the Italian chartered engineer and a professional pianist Paolo Fazioli. He also said that the recovery tool does not belong. The force of the fall piano, aggravated by the high tension in the strings was so strong that the lid of the tool broke into two pieces.

According to Hewitt, a firm of stevedores very distressed about what happened, because for 35 years they have never had. A woman who lives in two countries (the UK, London and Italy, house near lake Trasimeno – ed.) assured that has already begun, “insurance Saga”, which she hopes will solve the problem quickly and find a replacement unique piano.

A colleague of the virtuoso told reporters that Angela is really depressed, she was “like losing a limb”.

Every piano is special in its own way. You grow with them, they change with age, and you along with it. For the pianist this level the tool becomes an extension of the body, so Hewitt took him on record, he said.


Angela Hewitt is a canadian pianist, one of the world’s most recognized performers of Bach. Daughter Godfrey Hewitt, British organist and choirmaster the Cathedral Church of Ottawa for nearly half a century. In three years began taking piano lessons with his mother, a teacher of music and English language, four for the first time acted in public.

In 1985 he received first prize at the International piano festival comment on the memory of Glenn Gould in Toronto. In 1994-2005 performed, and recorded all the major works of Bach for piano (to date, they have released 15 CDs in the Hyperion firm).

He has given concerts in most countries of the world, including Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa. In 2005 he established a music festival at lake Trasimeno (Magione, Perugia, Gubbio).

Знаменитая виртуоз оплакивает фортепиано за 150 тысяч фунтов, которое разбили грузчики



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