The famous Ukrainian poetess suffered from a spider bite

Известная украинская поэтесса пострадала от укуса паука

The spider lives in all parts of Ukraine

Poet and host of the Zlata-Zoryana Palamarchuk said that she was bitten by a dangerous spider cheiracanthium (yellowmy piercing), which jumped on her sleeve and really hurt the hand. She called the medics, and the “attacker” neutralized — caught and put in a box. Leading Ukrainian radio “Voice of Kyiv” published the corresponding photos in his Facebook, reports the with reference to RBC.

She said thatin his house in Kiev region noticed a spider on the ceiling, tried to clean it up, but he showed aggression.

Известная украинская поэтесса пострадала от укуса паука

Palamarchuk immediately felt pain at the bite site started to show up, the redness and swelling.

“Spider caught until the ambulance arrived, searched it on the Internet by drawing on body,” she wrote.

The doctors gave Allergy shot, which is gold-Zorian washed down “Sorecom”.

“But the cross on the torso ruffled nerves… Be careful and don’t panic in such situations,” she called.

Publicly stated that cheiracanthium (or yellowmy stabbing spider — Cheiracanthium punctorium) reaches a length of about 15 mm, its bite can penetrate the human skin. In some cases the spider’s venom can cause tissue necrosis, nausea, malaise and fever. The symptoms can last up to three days

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In Ukraine the species is occasionally found in the steppe zone and in Transcarpathia, and in favorable warm days can occur in other parts of the country.

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