The famous singer said about having sex with a KGB agent

Знаменитый певец заявил об в интимной связи с агентом КГБ

The singer has found a way to get rid of the “tail”

On the eve of the release of “Rocketman” Elton John gave the resonant interview, writes the with reference on the most Important.

In an interview, the legendary musician recalls how for the first time visited the Soviet Union in 1979. According to John, he knew from the beginning that the interpreter, who it was assigned a KGB agent, and the task of a spy was watching all his movements.

The singer has found a reliable way to get rid of the “tail” and compromise the agent to his superiors: he has sex with him on the roof of the hotel.

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Perhaps that is why the Russian distributors of the musical “Rocketman” cut from movie scene sex of the protagonist with his Manager – we can assume that these memories are too painful.

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