The famous singer has postponed the wedding because of a prolonged depression

Знаменитый певец отложил свадьбу из-за затяжной депрессии

The singer is not in the best condition.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber and American model Hailey Baldwin officially got married last year, but the big wedding star spouses are not celebrated until now, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

Close to love, the source reports that the reason for that — mental health 25-year-old artist. The insider said that celebrities want to arrange a beautiful ceremony, but only when they are completely ready.

Now Justin is struggling with the lingering depression, and the young wife trying to support him in everything. “Haley continues to support it. They still would be married. Now for them the most important to Justin was mentally healthy,” said anonymous.

The insider added that Bieber is feeling much better. The singer is distracted from problems through music. He is busy making a new album after over his mental state worked doctors. “It looks like the treatment really helped him. It changed his thinking. He lives one day and trying to focus all their strength on it. When he begins to think about the future, it feels a lot of stress and pressure,” added the insider.

According to the source, because Hayley is the singer has sought the help of doctors, because he wants to be the best husband to her. “It is one thing to have your troubles when you’re alone, but when you’re married, at stake is the happiness of two people. He is working on himself to become her good partner,” concluded the anonymous.

Regina todorenko said when you get married

Recall that the Baldwin admitted that married life is not so simple as it seems at first glance. 22-year-old girl had to get rid of many habits and fears, to preserve the family.

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