The famous singer has insured his legs for a fabulous sum: “never hurt anybody”

Известная певица застраховала свои ноги на баснословную сумму: "Еще никому не помешали"

Beautiful legs Taylor swift is now worth 40 million dollars, these celebrity insured body parts

Beautiful feet never hurt anybody, and if those legs still and famous, you can protect them and insure, as did Taylor swift. The singer is not the first decided to protect strengths. We all remember the famous buttocks Jennifer Lopez, which cost 27 million dollars, reports Clutch.

Известная певица застраховала свои ноги на баснословную сумму: "Еще никому не помешали"

And examples of such in show business a lot. J. Lo, for example, has insured his ass even back in 1999, in the amount of $ 800 million. Don’t forget about yourself and athletes, because of their body parts depends the future career. Footballer David Beckham has insured his main working tool. Now each of them is worth $ 35 million. But Cristiano appreciated my feet more expensive – 150 million dollars. Well, given that in 2013 he was named the most valuable player, the amount does not seem so big.

But the most unusual part is still considered the language of Miley Cyrus. It costs $ 1 million.

Earlier the world famous dance ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” has insured his talent to 1 million lari, or about $372 thousand a Memorandum of insurance was signed by the Director of the ensemble Nino Sukhishvili and the head of the insurance Agency “Ardi” Mikhail Japaridze.

This is the first such case in Georgia, when dance ensemble has insured the whole team together with the musicians. Each member of the ensemble, under the contract, the insured in case of injuries. In case the artist will lose the “professional talent”, the company will provide him salary for two years.

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Известная певица застраховала свои ноги на баснословную сумму: "Еще никому не помешали"

The insurance is valid in Georgia, and in any other country where the ballet to go on tour. To perpetuate so unique insurance policy was printed on gold parchment, which will be stored in the building of the National ballet “Sukhishvili”.

“We believe that the national ballet “Sukhishvili” is a superstar of world level. And if in international practice to insure a unique voice, body parts and professional talent, then why in Georgia to provide such a service unique bearers of national talent — the ensemble “Sukhishvili” — said in the company.

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