The famous Momix Theater will present the magical ballet ALICE in Israel

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 The famous Momix Theater will present the magical ballet ALICE in Israel

From December 29 to January 5, 2023 at the Tel Aviv Opera House, as well as in Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod and Beer Sheva, the famous American Dance Theater Momix will present their new magical production of ALICE.

“Alice in Wonderland” Lewis Carroll – the second most translated novel in the world. And not only translations into other languages, but also translations into other areas of art – theater, cinema, animation, and, this time, ballet – in the implementation of the Momix Dance Theater by iconic choreographer Moses Pendleton.

“ALICE” – a new creation of ballet scene visionary Moses Pendleton. It is a triumph of imagination, illusion and special effects, a mind-blowing show that is an endless metamorphosis in which all the dancers are the protagonists, plunging into an intriguing magical universe where dreams come true. Alice, like 8 dancers of the Pendleton group, stretches, shrinks and grows again, with the help of props, ropes, multimedia, optical illusions. The artists dance, transform, have fun and rejoice, just like their audience.

“I'm not going to retell the whole story of Alice,” says Pendleton, “but I'm using it as a starting point for my choreography. I was curious to see what would come of it, and became more and more curious the more I learned about Lewis Carroll, who, incidentally, was also a photography enthusiast.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and “Through the Looking Glass” Lewis Carroll offer such rich and compelling visual material that it's no wonder they've been the inspiration for so many stage and screen incarnations.
Alice's story is full of images and absurd logic. In my eyes, “Alice in Wonderland” – the forerunner of surrealism, it is an invitation to invent, to give free rein to the imagination and the ability to play. After all, everyday life is full of amazing things worth seeing.
"Alice" perfect for MOMIX and gave us the opportunity to expand our understanding of the stage, to come to an even more complete fusion of dance, light, music, costumes and video projections.

Maybe it would be easier to describe how ALICE, which premiered in 2018, is not what it is. “ALICE” MOMIX – this mysterious journey and visual cornucopia, not only based on scenes from Alice in Wonderland; Lewis Carroll, but also inspired by the song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane in an emotional performance by Grace Wing Slick. This is a creative interpretation of a classic text. This is a living psychedelic journey, a hallucination, a 90-minute game that takes you away from everyday worries and allows you to relax and go with the flow in the world of Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. And this magic is the result of modern choreography, costumes and props, as well as the work of dancers with extraordinary abilities.

90-minute “ALICE” – like all productions MOMIX – it's a magical, mysterious, and eccentric journey. As expected, Alice falls down the rabbit hole and the fun begins! She goes through all kinds of transformations, encounters different versions of herself, getting smaller and taller, reaching the ceiling, meeting wonderful and eccentric creatures and, in general, enjoying life.

Pendleton brought most of Carroll's characters to life by piecing together Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and “Through the Looking Glass”. A total of eight dancers perform a seemingly thousand roles requiring exceptional modern dance technique, acrobatics, puppetry, complex props and costumes, and acting. Illusions, beauty of the spectacle, breathtaking magic and imagination – these are the elements that make the choreographic “Alice in Wonderland” so compelling.

Founded and run by Moses Pendleton back in 1980, MOMIX Dance Theater is known for its avant-garde choreography and optical illusions, and Alice's story is full of episodes that can be given a surrealist twist and a Victorian phantasmagoria character.< br />Pendleton created a dance that literally grows out of Carroll's book, using swings, mirrors, playing with scales and proportions, repetitions and reflections, broken angles. In this strange world of imagination and special effects, the usual sensations are lost – as in a rabbit hole where the body is constantly transforming and “nothing is what it seems.”

Conceived and directed by Pendleton and his assistant Cynthia Quinn, the work consists of 22 short story and costume vignettes taken from Carroll's world. Costumes designed for «ALICE» artist Phoebe Kazan – complex and beautiful works of art in themselves, as well as a soundscape, a musical collage of various authors – an energetic soundtrack put together by Pendleton himself. The director fills the stage with an enchanting swirl of dance and inventive illusions (even levitation) that push the boundaries of the imagination with refreshingly elegant choreography, acrobatics, immersive video projections (video design by Woodrow F. Dick) and stage accessories.

MOMIX has proven once again that 42 years after founding this dance theatre, it can still amaze the audience with its incredible vision of modern choreography and the incredible spectacle that is meant for the public.

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Tel Aviv Opera House:
Thursday, December 29, 2022, 8:00 pm
Friday, December 30, 2022, 1:00 pm
Saturday, December 31, 2022, 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm

Be'er Sheva, Monday January 2, 2023, Performing Arts Center, 8:30 pm

Jerusalem, January 3, 2023, Tuesday, Theatron Yerushalayim, Sherover Hall, 20:30

Haifa, January 4, 2023, Wednesday, Auditorium ;, 20:30

Ashdod, Thursday, January 5, 2023, Performing Arts Center, 20:30

Tickets for Bravo: and at the box office.

Photos by Sharen Bradford

Organizer of Momix shows in Israel, Bimot Global .

PR agency:Sofia Nimelstein PR & Consulting


 The famous Momix Theater will present the magical ballet ALICE in Israel

 The famous Momix Theater will present the magical ballet ALICE in Israel

 The famous Momix Theater will present the magical ballet ALICE in Israel

 Famous Momix Theater will present the magical ballet ALICE in Israel

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