The famous boxer planned to arrange a shooting in Miami

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 A well-known boxer planned to shoot in Miami

Renowned Haitian boxer Azea Augustama, who qualified for the 2008 Olympics in the light heavyweight division, was planning a shootout in Miami. According to local authorities, he bought an AK-47 for this purpose. According to investigators, the owner of the “golden gloves” was going to have a mass shooting in the gym. He was arrested on Wednesday, November 23, on two counts. According to police, it all started earlier this month, when the athlete had an argument at work with colleagues. He was denied the right to return to the gym. After that, he began posting threatening posts on Instagram, saying that he was thinking of shooting several people. Augustama noted that he was “ready to fire a pistol or a bazooka in the name of justice.” He bought an AK-47 at a pawnshop for $150.

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