The famous American actress has posed naked on the nature

Известная американская актриса снялась обнаженной на природе

Lena Dunham called love your body.

In Insta-account of one of the brightest stars of today, writer, actress and campaigner for women’s rights Lena Dunham appeared naked photos taken outdoors. It is the star though and looks perfect by conventional standards, but touches the depths of your soul the beauty and candor of his message, reports the with reference to Cosmopolitan.

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Any negativity that comes your way is just an excuse to love yourself even more, right? Comment below with a reason you love yourself. I’ll go first: I’m a sober accountable adult who still loves to get naked. Okay, GO! For every comment in the next week, I’ll be donating a dollar to @FriendlyHouseLA, a residential program for women recovering from substance and alcohol addiction. So guys, be liberal with your self-praise…💵

A post shared by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on May 29, 2019 at 10:26am PDT

“Any negativity to your address — just an excuse to love yourself more. Write below what you love about yourself. Here we go: I’m sober, responsible, sensible woman who likes to walk naked. Okay, now you”.

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It turns out that brave Dunham and her call to comment on photos is a way to help women suffering from alcohol or other addictions. For each comment, Lina will pay to the charity of the dollar.

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