The family of a famous Russian actress, took “hostages”: the scandalous photos

Семью известной российской актрисы взяли в "заложники": скандальные фото

Family of Margarita Terekhova is blackmailing nurse

Recently a former nurse actress Margarita Terekhova 65-year-old Maria Dibrova came to one show with a story about how ugly she got children Terekhova, literally putting on the street.

A 77-year-old actress has Alzheimer’s, slowly she began to forget even how to use simple household items. It became dangerous to herself and her children decided to hire a nurse. Maria Dibrova volunteered to help the beloved actress and live with her. It was even said that they are ready to work for free, but they pay $ 600 a month.

Семью известной российской актрисы взяли в "заложники": скандальные фото

Recently a nurse was fired, she could no longer cope with all the responsibilities, but there it was. After a polite request to leave the house, she said that she had nowhere to go and threatened with immobilized Terekhova photos I have taken without permission, according to news reports.

In one of online magazines published an interview with actress’s son Alexander:

“That is to say: we were blind, warmed the snake… This hypocritical woman having the audacity to call themselves a member of the family secretly filmed our ailing, helpless mother, and is now trying to sell illegally obtained photos. “

Thus the family Terekhova has literally been held hostage by women.

Семью известной российской актрисы взяли в "заложники": скандальные фото

Семью известной российской актрисы взяли в "заложники": скандальные фото

However, the nurse sees the situation differently. According to her, she’s the last 7 years almost all the time stayed close to the actress. Recently, however, she was given a calculation. For that reason, she did not understand.

“When they told me that they find a new, younger, and my services are not needed, I was in shock. Margarita Borisovna immediately found a common language. She’s like a child, like a crystal vase. I came when she was still conscious, the first or second phase of Alzheimer’s,” admitted the nurse come in the program “Let them talk”.

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Dibrova said that she had a special certificate, but no medical education. According to her, for six years, she never called an ambulance. When the actress was in the hospital, Mary was lying next to her. The nurse did the massage the next, and also followed the meals and medicines.

Guests of the program “Let them talk” advised Dibrova not to be offended by loved ones actress, and photos taken in the apartment of a star, not to show reporters, because for this it is possible to prosecute.

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