The failure of the Microsoft cloud platform affected the whole world, except for China

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Microsoft Cloud Platform Disruption Affects World Except China< /p>

On Wednesday, users around the world experienced an outage in the Microsoft cloud platform.

In particular, the Azure platform was disabled along with services such as Teams and Outlook .

The outage affected users in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. Only services in China were unaffected.

Later at Microsoft They said they fixed the problem. According to CNN, the shutdown of Azure, which has 15 million enterprise customers and more than 500 million active users, could create a domino effect, as almost all of the world's largest companies use this platform.

The company explained that it found problems with network connection to devices through the global network. The statement clarified that additional infrastructure was used to speed up the process of restoring the normal operation of the platform.

According to Downdetector, during the outage, users experienced messaging issues during calls and when using any feature of the Teams app. Due to a bug on Twitter, #MicrosoftTeams became the most popular hashtag as users flocked en masse to another platform to find out what the problem was.

Microsoft Teams being used more than 280 million people around the world, is an integral part of the daily work of enterprises and educational institutions.

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