The face of a deceased relative saw in the family photo

Лицо умершего родственника разглядели на семейном фото

The phenomenon has no logical explanation.

The above photograph was taken on 16 June last year. Photograph depicting a typical American family, seemed to its members is not too high quality, so the put in a box with broken frames and very quickly forgot about it, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

However, a couple of days ago one member of this family was going through photos from your archive, random stumbling on this image, came to an unprecedented amazement. The fact that the picture had originally considered a defect, was, apparently, something completely different.

If you look at the grandmother in the middle of the frame, we can see a strange spot to place her feet. Our hero carefully looked to this “defect” and suddenly saw it as a clear fragment of a male face. Visible tear rolling on the cheek of this man.

The American was astonished to the core because immediately recognize this the way his own uncle, who died 14 April 1990. The above-mentioned elderly woman is his mother. Even created the impression that she had put her hands on the face of the deceased son.

Before us is another proof of the existence of the afterlife? Or we are talking about some bizarre optical illusion? Many users of the social network Reddit, where it was published the mysterious photo, inclined to the first option, rejecting any skeptical theory.

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Thousands of regulars resource was touched by this story, especially the fact that the alleged Ghost in the picture seems to be crying. However, some commentators are of the opinion: the cry comes from the subtle world could and joy that his relatives are alive and well. And maybe it’s not tears at all? What do you think?..

Лицо умершего родственника разглядели на семейном фото

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