The explosions at the military plant in Russia: damaged more than 100 kindergartens and schools

Взрывы на военном заводе в России: повреждены более 100 детсадов и школ

Construction of buildings is not destroyed.

As a result of explosion in shop on manufacture of TNT in the plant “Crystal” in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region in the city of damaged buildings of about 100 educational institutions, reports the with reference for Today.

According to the Governor of the Russian region Gleb Nikitin, damaged 70 kindergartens and 31 schools.

In particular, the construction of buildings is not destroyed, but broken glass.

Thus, according to preliminary data of the authorities of the city, the damage from explosion is estimated in millions roubles. It is also noted that the number of complaints of damage to buildings may increase as Sunday people will come back into town from vacation and cottages.

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