The explosion of the house in Magnitogorsk recognized as a terrorist attack, ISIL told

Взрыв дома в Магнитогорске признан терактом: ИГИЛ все рассказало

House in Magnitogorsk blew up “ISIS”

Terrorist organization ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

A house and a minibus in the Russian Magnitogorsk – attack. The responsibility was claimed by supporters of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”, according to the Arabic newspaper “al-NABA”. It is noted that the terrorists placed explosives between the 3rd and 10th floor of a residential building, and then managed to trigger the explosives. A long silence in the “Islamic state” to explain the safety of the perpetrators of the attack.

Взрыв дома в Магнитогорске признан терактом: ИГИЛ все рассказало

We will remind, in Magnitogorsk exploded on the last day of the previous year – 31 December. Due to the explosion collapsed the entrance desyatietazhki. Not without casualties – 39 people were killed. Russian investigators found no traces of explosives. According to them exploded household gas. Rescuers sifted through the wreckage until January 3. They managed under the rubble to find the six Magnitogorsk, including 11-month-old baby.

Взрыв дома в Магнитогорске признан терактом: ИГИЛ все рассказало

The next day, January 1, close to the scene, burned out minibus. Russian police said that the vehicle exploded gas equipment that was faulty. In the bus killed 3 people. Who are these people, is unknown. Local people claimed that the “GAZelle” the shooting was carried out.

Взрыв дома в Магнитогорске признан терактом: ИГИЛ все рассказало

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In the local media and social networks are also inclined to attack. According to this version of the house I rented a flat a native of Central Asia. He and his accomplices allegedly prepared the attack in one of the shopping centers of Magnitogorsk. However, RDX, which is going to use terrorists, exploded in a rented apartment. The attackers tried to escape in a van. During the operation on their capture the police opened fire that led to the explosion of the vehicle. Three suspects were killed, a fourth escaped. Were you able to catch him, not reported.

“Islamic state” (ISIS) is an international Sunni Islamist extremist terrorist organization. Originated in 1999 in Iraq as the terrorist group.

As previously reported, under the rubble of an apartment building, where a massive explosion, rescuers managed to find 11-month-old boy named Vanya. The child at the time of evacuation from Magnitogorsk to Moscow was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury, fractures, severe frostbite of the extremities, kidney dysfunction and dehydration.

The results of the diagnostic studies that were conducted in the capital of the Russian Federation, the doctors came to the conclusion that the brain damage of the baby no, doctors are also likely to be able to save frostbitten foot boy.

Взрыв дома в Магнитогорске признан терактом: ИГИЛ все рассказало

Vanya in the hospital quickly regained consciousness. This was stated by the Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova. “To be responsive, communicating with mother,” she said.

According to the head of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, the child’s condition during his stay at the Moscow Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology are much improved.

Recall that Putin has introduced in Magnitogorsk troops of the national guard.

As reported Politeka, Putin in Magnitogorsk angered the Russians.

Also Politeka wrote that to save no one else: heartbreaking stories of families of victims of the tragedy in Magnitogorsk.

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