The experts said, who are the most susceptible to mosquito bites

Эксперты рассказали, кто больше всего подвержен укусам комаров

Yeah, they don’t all bite the same.

As it turned out, mosquitoes also love sweet, so I prefer to drink the blood of people with high blood sugar. Fans of desserts and diabetics — the best prey for them, reports the with reference to

In the body of athletes increased the concentration of lactic acid, which mosquitoes is a favorite delicacy.

Larger people produce more carbon emissions than a thin person — it attracts mosquitoes.

In the journal “Medical etymology” was published an interesting study, according to which the first group of blood is the most attractive to insects bloodsuckers.

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Entomologists at the University of Florida proved that when finding prey mosquitoes are not only the smell, but also vision. As you know, these insects recognize only a few colors: black, blue and red. People in clothes of this color is exposed to mosquito attacks most.

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