The ex-director of Rotaru revealed the alcoholic “secrets” of the singer

 Ex-director Rotaru revealed the singer's alcohol "secrets" /></p>
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<p> Ukrainian singer Sophia Rotaru drank strong alcohol only when she was surrounded by her family, as she became aggressive.</p>
<p> This is reported by StarHit ; with reference to the show "New Russian sensations" on NTV.</p>
<p> Olga Konyakhina, who was released from prison, spoke about the trade secrets of her former boss. According to her, Rotaru can humiliate a person if he is not in the mood.</p>
<p> “Mostly Rotaru drank in the family circle, because when she drinks, she becomes completely frank. She therefore never drank anywhere with her. Only in the circle of loved ones, and everyone knew how it would be. Aggression was",– said Konyakhina.</p>
<p> According to her, Rotaru's son Ruslan wrote that his mother allegedly held nothing heavier than a glass of wine in her hands. Konyakhina considers this “complete nonsense.”</p>
<p> “And cognac, and whiskey, and vodka — everything was drunk. And moreover, in such a way that even I could not stand the competition, ", — she noted.</p>
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