The European Union intends to move to a single charging standard for all gadgets

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 The European Union intends to switch to a single charging standard for all gadgets < /p>

After 10 years of discussions, the European Union is preparing to oblige manufacturers to install the same connectors in all smartphones, tablets, headphones and other devices to make it easier for users. This was reported to Reuters, citing his own source, according to which the EU lawmakers will make a final decision on June 7.

The agency turned to Apple for comments, but they did not receive a response. Previously, the company actively opposed the adoption of a single charging connector standard. According to the proposed changes, the proposed changes will hinder innovation in the electronics market and lead to an extremely large amount of electronic waste.

lose income from the sale and certification of Lightning accessories. And if the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, as insiders report, will receive a Lightning connector, then the next iPhones will be equipped with UBS-C – it will become a single standard for charging.

By the way, with regard to laptops, they were not included in the list of devices where it is necessary to use a single connector, since there are still disagreements between the participants. The same applies the timing of the transition to wireless charging.

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