The European Parliament has suspended the accreditation of the deputies from the Spanish media

Европарламент приостановил аккредитацию депутатов от Испании - СМИ

Some politicians were not allowed in the building.

The European Parliament has suspended the accreditation of all the newly elected Spanish MEPs after Carles Podemno and Odom Catalan policy has denied access to the building. About it reports The Local, reports the with reference on the European truth.

Podemno, who was the head of Catalonia during the events around the failed Declaration of independence, was denied access to the European Parliament on Wednesday evening. The same thing was waiting, and other Catalan politician Tony Comyn.

They were also denied interim accreditation, despite the fact that other Spanish MEPs have already received their accreditation.

The reason for this step is called that supposedly the European Parliament has still not received an official list of Spanish MEPs.

According to Spanish rules, all elected to the European Parliament must first swear that they will abide by the Constitution of Spain. If Pujdeme went to Spain, he would be immediately arrested on charges of sedition.

The Chairman of the Parliament Antonio Tajani decided to suspend the accreditation of all the Spanish members of the European Parliament to the publication of the final results of the European elections in Spain.

“The Spanish theater of the absurd was importirovano the European Parliament”, — said the lawyer Pokdemon Simon Beckert.

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“If the European Parliament will allow the member state to influence yourself to prevent the MPs to take their seats, we’ll go to the Court of the EU,” he warned.

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