The EU may allow officials and deputies to take pets to work

News » Life Style EU may allow officials and MPs to bring pets to work

The European Commission is considering allowing officials and MPs to bring pets to work, writes Politico.

“Regarding the presence of dogs on our premises, the Commission is investigating the presence of pets and organizing pilot events where employees can bring their pets”, —

At the end of November 2022, a group of MEPs officially asked the Commission to allow the adoption of pets to work. In their opinion, this will improve the mental health of employees.< br />
The initiators also asked to create a special space with trash cans and waste bags.

But changing EU rules is not easy. Allowing pets in the office will mean adapting the Commission's legal framework, “taking into account various health and safety considerations for staff, as well as some practical issues,” — Gan noted.

In addition, the MEPs proposed to the European Commission to encourage employees to take stray dogs.

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