The EU has offered Ukraine to sign an important contract: “Will be long”

В ЕС предлагают Украине подписать важный контракт: "Будет длительным"

The EU is preparing for Ukraine, the new agreement on gas transit, which will be commercially viable

This was announced by Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic.

So, on January 21 in Brussels were discussing a new contract that must be concluded for a period above 10 years, while the volume of supplies which will be beneficial to attract to the Ukrainian gas transportation system of the investor.

“From our point of view, the deal should be long – more than 10 years, and the volumes must be commercially viable to attract competitive European investors in the Ukrainian gas transportation system,” he said.

Moreover, according to an official from the EU, the volume of deliveries will be spelled out in the agreement. He also said that the document would be signed before the end of the year.

В ЕС предлагают Украине подписать важный контракт: "Будет длительным"

“I hope that we will have signed a contract until the end of the year, and long-term transit through Ukraine will be ensured,” he stressed.

As previously reported, what we have done Ukrainian drivers in connection with the controversial scheme, the oil gradually becomes more expensive, the cost of fuel at filling stations “jump”

It is known that raw materials for the production of oil again began to rise. Oil prices finish the week with a growth. On Friday, 18 January the cost of a barrel of Brent crude oil amounted to 61,67 USD.

Experts summarize that this growth associated with even the December reduction in oil production by OPEC members and rumors about U.S. willingness to cancel import duties on Chinese goods for the period of the trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing.

So an increase in early 2018, oil prices have hit a barrier about 60 dollars per barrel of Brent oil:

“Despite the fact that the reports OPEC will probably maintain in the near future the mood for some increase in the price of oil, in the long term we remain cautious due to weakness in the global economy and the growing production of shale oil in the United States,” said an analyst at Singapore brokerage company Benjamin Lou.

At the same time, in Ukraine, at the moment resumed a gradual decline in the cost of fuel at the gas station.

В ЕС предлагают Украине подписать важный контракт: "Будет длительным"

We will remind as to interest and what surprises await Ukrainians

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