The eternal renewal of the Parti québécois

L'éternel renouvellement du Parti québécois

ANALYSIS / The mass is not known; history is never written in advance. The interim leader of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, has reason.

But to all those in PQ and elsewhere speak of the necessary introspection to carry out after the new debacle of October 1st, of the inevitable renewal to operate, please, please, do not forget that the training is founded by René Lévesque, it was just 50 years old is accustomed to these exercises. The PQ has tried, things! Too much, even.

There has been the”étapisme” of René Lévesque and Claude Morin, the eternal debate on the election referendum, “if you vote for us, you will have a referendum on the sovereignty” of Jacques Parizeau, the “winning conditions” of Lucien Bouchard, the referendum “as early as possible”, Bernard Landry and André Boisclair.

There have been debates on the relevance of asking “gestures of rupture” with the rest of Canada, the proposal of “referendum sector, governance and sovereignty” of Pauline Marois, as well as the referendum at the “appropriate time”.

There has been a back-and-forth between “us” and nationalism is “civic”.

With Jean-François Lisée, there has been the postponement of any referendum to a possible second term in 2022.

There were turns left and the steering wheel moves to the right.

We went through the “crucible of ideas” and the “season of ideas”; the report of the “three musketeers” in 2004 to the more recent, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

There was also Pierre Karl Péladeau in the leadership of the party. There was also, let’s go back again in time, the “beautiful risk” of René Lévesque and the “national affirmation” of Pierre Marc Johnson.

That person is not pretending that nothing has been attempted over the years to the Parti québécois, all the same! This party is in constant renewal; the renewal in the excess, even. The PQ is at the crossroads? He is the past 50 years, while being lower today than yesterday, but resilient.

Yes, but how?

The businessman Alexandre Taillefer says the Quebec liberal Party needs to reconnect on the electorate is francophone, it must be more nationalistic. The beautiful case! He said the obvious. Either that or smash open doors…

Reconnect? Yes, but how? By asking what actions are required? Doing what? This is what he would hear. Too early for that to the liberal Party? This has been 10 years that we get to hear this message.

Unlike the PQ, the PLQ has never really sought to “return every stone” — in the words of Lucien Bouchard.

There is long history of contrasting visions within the liberal Party of Quebec as the “positioning” of nationalism. There are those who call this “reconnection” with the French-speaking — without ever daring to say how — and those who, like the now ex-leader Philippe Couillard wants the liberals remain “true to their values”; in other words, they promote first and foremost the individual rights and liberties, particularly on issues of identity.

We know nothing of the “what”, but there is talk of the “who” — who will be the head… They scramble already on the door for a successor to Philippe Couillard. Yet — and this is another effect of the elections on a fixed date —, there is no rush, as said Pascal Bérubé when he invited the PQ to take his time. The government of François Legault will remain in post until at least October 3, 2022. And until 2026 if he wins a second term in a row.

Ah the dosage!

Some of the candidates to the direction of the QLP and the PQ may not be on the thread from the beginning, when the leadership races will be launched in probably 18 months. The expectations of the system’s politico-media are not truths. The story is not written in advance.

We cannot ignore the renewal. The good renewal, to him, is a matter of dosage.

Even a training policy is relatively young as the Coalition avenir Québec, is renewed since its foundation. On the spectrum of right-to-left, it is centered on the political chessboard during the last election campaign, compared to what it was, and, even more, compared to what was the Action démocratique du Québec.

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