The erotic video about Christmas that you’ve ever seen!

Girls in stockings latex and spanking — nothing conveys better the mood of the occasion.

Саме еротичне відео про Різдво, яке ти коли-небудь бачив!

British boutique erotic lingerie and sex toys Coco de Mer is famous for its creativity, reports Rus.Media. That is Coco de Mer took a famous video with Pamela Anderson, which categorically declares “Fuck Valentine’s Day” and closes the bedroom with a vibrator. This time mark decided to speak powerfully about Christmas. And Coco de Mer did it!

The video sounds reworked version of one of the most famous in the English speaking world the old folk song “Twelve days of Christmas” (The Twelve Days of Christmas). In the original songs long and detailed, in the spirit of inventory, describes what gave love to the hero song for Christmas: “on the first day of Christmas I love raised quail. On the second day of Christmas brought me the love of two doves and one partridge. On the third day of Christmas I love her three hens, two doves and one partridge” and then all the days in the translation of David Samoilov.

Brand Coco de Mer decided to remake “the Twelve days of Christmas” according to the tastes of modern buyers, who are not willing to settle for partridges. Therefore, versions of the Coco de Mer says about these gifts, Thong, handcuffs and latex stockings. However, it should be heard. And see!

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