The enraged mother massacred because the parent chat: “Eight blows by a knife in the head”

Взбесившаяся мама устроила резню из-за родительского чата: «Восемь ударов ножом в голову»

A refugee from Donetsk massacre due to the fact that it was removed from the online chat

In the Russian city of St. Petersburg donchanka was attacked with a knife on the woman who deprived her of access to the chat WhatsApp.

The victim, Anastasia Mikhailova another parent whose child belongs to the same group with her son, inflicted several stab wounds. It all started with the fact that the other parents asked Anastasia to remove the woman from General chat, where the dialogue on the topic of their children.

Взбесившаяся мама устроила резню из-за родительского чата: «Восемь ударов ножом в голову»

She came from Donetsk and all complained of the hard fate of a refugee and literally extorted money from other parents. She did not hesitate to beg in the General chat. Ukrainka also wrote personal messages to fathers and mothers and requested financial help.

Other parents refused to do it because her child was dressed-shod, and the woman had preferred to travel exclusively by taxi.

Unable to withstand the aggressive pressure, users have asked the administrator Anastasia close access to the parent Internet group annoying the refugee. It was her infuriated.

She began to write Anastasia’s private messages that contained threats. The victim said that donchanka threatened to blow up a car when it is going to be with your child. The girl contacted the police, but to no avail.

Some time later, the victim was confronted by a hostile mother in kindergarten. Women brought their children there.

“Seeing me, she tried to push me out into the street. We have started the brawl, we started to push, and then she hit me in the forehead with the knife that was in her hand,” — said Mikhailov.

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Nobody knows What could happen next, if not for a passerby who heard the screams and approached to ask what was happening.

It is reported that while the police on the aggressive mother is not brought.

As previously reported, in Kiev, a drunken 22-year-old police officer with a knife attacked a 12-year-old girl returning home through the Park.

Взбесившаяся мама устроила резню из-за родительского чата: «Восемь ударов ножом в голову»

“Guardian of order” began to threaten the terrified child with a knife, and then took away the mobile phone. Taking possession of the gadget, the police rushed to escape, but was caught by indifferent passers-by.

Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan reported that the pretrial investigation is completed and indictment against the police officer sent to court. Police accused under article “robbery”.

For a crime to it threatens from 3 till 7 years of imprisonment.

Recall that the man made hell near Kiev: “cut with a knife, and strangled”.

As reported Politeka, Turkish hooligans attacked fans from Russia: “with knives and iron bars”.

Also Politeka wrote the details of the massacre in the school of Belarus: “Vadim went with a knife on the floor, went into all the classes”.

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