The end of the Merkel era: Germany is holding elections for a new chancellor

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End of the Merkel era: elections are taking place in Germany the new chancellor

Ukraine does not have to wait for German attention in the near future.

On September 26, parliamentary elections are held in Germany, after which the country will receive a new chancellor. For 16 years the country was ruled by Angela Merkel, a whole generation has grown up that cannot imagine Germany with another chancellor.

Which parties will go to the next, 20th, Bundestag and who has more chances to become chancellor – in the TSN material. ua.

Until now, 40% of Germans, according to the latest polls, that is, almost half of the country, & nbsp; have no idea who to vote for. & nbsp; The last almost 16 years in power – the constant Angela Merkel. In the conditions of democratic and transparent elections – here they constantly, over and over again, gave the wheel to her. And so far & nbsp; as a politician in the country, Merkel has the highest ratings. & nbsp; But they cannot be shared with a successor, although she, of course, is trying.

& # 171; For Germany to remain stable, & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Armin Laschet & # 187 ;, & nbsp; – said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But Armin Laschet, even though he runs the largest German region with more than 17 million citizens, is sorely lacking in charisma. They do not believe him simply because & # 171; mom & # 187; asks for him, as they call Merkel here.

The main rival of Merkel's party has the best chances – they are coalition partners, social democrats. & Nbsp ; Olaf Scholz, & nbsp; which is headed by the Minister of Finance, this is an important and noticeable position in politics, they know him better. What should be remembered when talking about this party to the Ukrainians – the Social Democrats are very skeptical about anti-Russian sanctions, but & nbsp; are very supportive of & # 171; Nord Stream 2 & # 187 ;.

< p> Annalena Berbock, the candidate of the & # 171; Greens & # 187;, a year ago looked like a serious competitor, but since then she has lost confidence in a number of scandals, including plagiarism. Chances of & # 171; green & # 187; the young Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg tried to raise her, she appeared here the day before at a crowded rally and urged young people to go to the polling stations, support the fight against global warming.

For Ukraine, this is a rather alarming period, by and large, whoever comes in place of Merkel, he will know us much worse, and most importantly, there will be no foreign policy experience. Most likely, if the votes are distributed among the main candidates exactly & # 8212; tense negotiations on a new coalition await from next week. Therefore, Ukraine does not have to wait for German attention in the near future.

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