The end of global advertising campaigns?

To many the topic seems strange, especially in our time.

Кінець глобальних рекламних кампаній?

Live in the Prime of globalization, the world is intertwined and interrelated. The Burger taste the same in every franchise, Coca cola needs to Wake joy and optimism, where would this drink who did not drink. Without reference to nationality, religion, or cultural environment are driven by the same motives of humanity, motives. Advertisers and marketers call them a magic word promising insight. The magic here is appropriate, insight often turns into a magic wand to solve any problem of the brand or company as a whole.

Although the discussion of the essence of this magical tool requires a separate article or articles, I personally like the definition that nsiatom is the discovery about the user or his behavior, unknown to the society that helps create an emotional connection between his life and brand, resulting in picric, or sigh: you understand me perfectly!

I think this proposal is a key for reflection, can is built on a global insight, to work in all world markets. And to be more outspoken, ask the question: is insight, which is now appropriate for “big world”, and also a strong for our life?

Talked recently with fellow advertisers. One of the first questions was: “what are you doing now ads and messages? You have changed everything!”.

However, everything changed. But more importantly, it was highly specific. Not in the world another country, where people overcome the same problems, or at least similar. It was in the past, during the situation when all of the country and society was moving about one vector. Then the people and their principles of life are almost the same. Then advertising that touched the heart of the French, or Peruvian, could in Ukrainian to evoke emotion with the words: do you know what I mean!

I’m not the only one who runs into the generally accepted doctrine that the world is moving towards globalization. In recent times, there are enough articles in the European press on this subject. The world has ceased to be smooth and boring same. Local conflicts as a niche occupied only by Ukraine. Many analysts believe that the growing popularity of nationalists in Europe is a kind of protest of the people against the faceless globalization that often has the image of an eclectic mixture of all cultures, or artificial product of fashion gurus and marketing experts.

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The time of peace after the end of the cold war has ended, and with that and gone is the period when emotions are globally the same and caused by the same images, sleeping dormant deep in our subconscious. I will say – not true, the main ones unite us all? Then a simple question: the image of freedom for Ukrainians and Russians, they are the same? Or love, love of neighbor, as an expression of altruism, a Christian from Iraq, a jihadist-terrorist, they are also the same?

The insight is incredible, every time when the discovery that surprises, creating delight. As mentioned above, this insight is a phenomenon not previously familiar. Recently I read a terrific interview with an Iraqi priest who survived from the cruel assaults of terrorists. Killed mercilessly anyone who ran away, women and children. The priest declares that Iraq is their homeland, the Christian earth, and they were here long before the arrival of the Muslims. But he doesn’t want to fight, just wants to aggressors left them alone and left them home. And well, what a coincidence, insight common to the Ukrainians and the Christians of Iraq “forcibly want to take my home, falsely claiming that it is their historic right.” But for them, the Russians did not understand.

Let me remind you, insight should not be an archetype. He does not have to be inherent for all peoples. Moreover, it seems to me, insight is likely a vestige, is revealed fully only in a limited area.

Ah Yes, true, there is the Internet, which helps of globalization, spreading information around the world, connecting everyone with everyone. Really? The truth is that the independence of the Internet fighting for five years. Remember in 2012 how the world signed the petition of Declaration of Internet Freedom? And remember that first China, and then partially Turkey and recently Russia decided to cut off Internet users from worldwide the online world? A closed society is developing separately, finding their individual cries, you understand me exactly!

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Of course, there are always advertising that will affect everyone. They are built on archetypes. They are not based on culture, religion, the economy or the mood of society. Such as a mother’s love.

That does not hurt is advertising with a group of cheerful young people otryvayas and enjoy life when in the country die in the fighting patriots of similar age. And when you’re angry, looking at such, or similar communication, marketers you face experienced poker player will answer wrong insight. This diplomatically explain that someone didn’t think or decided to save money on finding solutions to the most important question in the life of any brand for sale to this country: Why the Ukrainians to buy this brand in time of war and crisis, why waste money that should be collected on an uncertain future? Convince me that I need it right now that will improve my life in this difficult time or will not allow to worsen the condition. Convince so I said: How do you know what I mean!

Interesting time wise philosophers are called fault paradigm. And not only the insights change. Changes with the so-called Accepted Consumer Believes that the people simply called cliche. For example, German reliability, one of the strongest clichés in this country. German quality and reliability that you can always rely on. I would be more careful in the future using this ACB. I’m not sure kraintsy did not change after omission of Angela Merkel, after a few times the high hopes and deep disappointments of foreign policy ever-reliable Germany, the “locomotive of the EU”. Moreover, even the locomotive stops, falling into the usual “untrusted crisis.” And how to change people’s attitude to Poland, the main engine of “things Ukrainian” in the European Parliament and tireless criticism of Russia? Not become a contender to replace Germany on the podium of reliability, just a better understanding of the Ukrainian realities, because they are also Slavs?

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One of the most stunning shifts in the minds of young people expressed at my feed on Facebook a friend of mine, when he wrote during the Maidan, – the exquisite perfume and fashionable clothes do not attract. Understand what lies behind the cowardice or impersonal. All the real men out there, on the Maidan. And so the smell of smoke, unshaven face and clothes of a woodcutter, is an indicator of the most reliable partner for Ukrainian women! Agree, this insight cannot be applied abroad Ukraine.

What I wanted to say about this article? What is the moral of my immoral lyrics? Living on the fault line, which passes the opinion of each of us. If the wrong step, it threatens to draw us into a deep abyss of delusion that the old world did not disappear. Do not succumb to this illusion. Even if you think looking at people in the streets, or shopping malls, inside it is hiding a completely new view of the world, new factors of motivation. Take your time with using that has created in a hassle-free California, London, or, God forbid, in Moscow.

The insights – not the seeds, Packed in bags global company Monsanto. Not everywhere they will grow in a good profit. At the same time we should not steal seeds from the neighbor’s garden. Not all brands necessarily needs to push consumers to buy, citing the support of the ATO. For example, for women’s underwear, or at the amusement Park, I think it is inappropriate.

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