The effective use of walnuts helps to lower blood pressure

Употребление грецких орехов эффективно способствует снижению артериального давления

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 45 people aged 30-65 years.

The walnuts contain high levels of plant fatty acids omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Pharmacy supplements to replace them can’t, the study showed.

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According to the data obtained by specialists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA), regular consumption of walnuts helps to normalize blood pressure in people with hypertension. This effect, scientists associated with the abundant content in walnuts is omega-3 alpha – linolenic acid (ALA).

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 45 people aged 30-65 years who had overweight or obesity symptoms. Two weeks before the tests, all they ate on a single plan, which is consistent with the usual diet of the average American, at least 12% consisting of saturated fats. Participants were then divided into three groups, each of which is within 6 weeks stuck to the assigned diet with a low content of unsaturated fats, and then switched to another diet.

Diets were: diet with a high content of walnuts; diet with no walnuts, but with the addition of acids ALA in amounts similar to that contained in nuts of the first embodiment; diet with no walnuts and acids of ALK, but with additives of unsaturated oleic acid.

Doctors have called an unexpected cause of early aging

The results showed that the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases effectively it reduces the diet with nuts, not consumption supplements healthy fatty acids. The scientists stated that “those participants who ate a lot of walnuts, blood pressure was on average lower than those who simply drank ALA or oleic acid.”

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