The Duke spoke with Israeli astronaut Eitan Stibbe

 Duke spoke to Israeli astronaut Eitan Stibbe

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog spoke via video link with the second in the history of the state astronaut Eitan Stibbe, who is on the ISS. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Stibbe “floated” on the ISS, behind him was the flag of Israel, and in his hands the astronaut held a glass cube with a prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel, written by the grandfather of Yitzhak Herzog.

“We see history with our own eyes. In these difficult times on On earth, this project, an exciting launch and experience that the entire House of Israel is watching, is a point of light in the sky. These are the moments that fill us with inspiration and excitement,” Duke said.

The President also mentioned that there was a terrorist attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.

“We are not succumb to terrorism or anything else, not when it hits us in the streets of Tel Aviv or anywhere else in the country, and certainly not when it hits holy places like Joseph's tomb,” the Duke said.< br />

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