The Duke congratulated Jews around the world on Israel's Independence Day

 Duke congratulated Jews around the world on Israel's Independence Day

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog congratulated the entire Jewish world on Israel's Independence Day.

The President's speech was published on the website of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

“How joyful we are to celebrate the 74th anniversary of David Ben-Gurion's declaration of independence of the State of Israel with you, our fellow tribesmen in the Diaspora, who support us.

admire this miracle of modernity – the State of Israel, “Medinat Yisrael”, which I proudly call the homeland of each of us,” the Duke said in his congratulations.

The President continued: “We in Israel have overcome wars, terror, boycotts, have recently survived deadly terrorist attacks on the streets of Israel, but still hold out we take the hand of the world.

We have turned a backward desert country into a world leader in water recycling, advanced agricultural technology, start-up innovation and advances in science and other fields.

We have built a pluralistic, multicultural society that prides itself on its Jewish character, but respects citizen equality, religious freedom and true democracy.

We have achieved this together, all the tribes of Israel: Israel, the Jewish communities of the Diaspora, and our friends from of the whole world – hand in hand, like one family.

In his speech, Yitzhak Herzog also called for “strengthening a deep and extremely valuable connection between the Jewish community of the whole world and the national homeland of the Jewish people.”

“This bond is vital to the Jewish people and the future of the State of Israel. She is at the forefront,” the Duke emphasized.

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