The drunk man made a brawl with Baskov after the assassination: “Bruises”

Пьяный Киркоров устроил дебош с Басковым после покушения: "Синяки"

Famous artists, favorites of millions of Filipp Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov again involved in the scandal.

This time they made a real brawl at the airport of Tashkent. Drunken singers were making faces at the camera and demanded that they gave “Uzbekistan” limousine.

Kirkorov and Basque flew to Uzbekistan to perform at the opening of a new ice Palace “Humo arena”. Getting off the ladder singers began to behave very provocatively, not hiding his drunken state. They shouted “Salaam alaikum,”, simulating a kind of emphasis.

Пьяный Киркоров устроил дебош с Басковым после покушения: "Синяки"

Пьяный Киркоров устроил дебош с Басковым после покушения: "Синяки"

“The singers that came to the ladder, immediately began “clowning”, not hiding the fact that drunk, behaved inadequately” — the newspaper writes VladTime.

Also Kirkorov commented on the submitted car: “We in the limo, Uzbekistan, beautiful,” joked the singer. In response, the Basque said that will ever make the same counterpart.

Edition VladTime clarifies that such a trick is very angered and disappointed fans Kirkorov and Baskov. In social networks, artists have already called “animal”, “bruises” and “pozornik”.

Many even unsubscribed from the pages of their idols in Instagram.

Пьяный Киркоров устроил дебош с Басковым после покушения: "Синяки"

Recall that the suspect in the terrorist attack at a concert by the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov made a sensational statement.

Suspected militants “IG” Hidirnebi Cashew called Maxim Galkin ordering the murder of the king of pop. He told about it during interrogation, according to the Russian newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to own sources.

In Russia are investigating a criminal case about preparation of a terrorist attack at the concert Philip Kirkorov, which was to take place in Makhachkala in July 2017. One of the accused confessed that he had planned to kill the singer on the order of another celebrity. Supposedly, it’s jealousy.

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According to the Dagestani Hidirnebi Cashew in early 2017 in Moscow he was approached by the TV presenter, who decided to hire him as a killer. Star offered to kill Philip Kirkorov for 2 million rubles. From a conversation with impersonator from Dagestan came to the conclusion that Galkin is jealous of his wife Alla Pugacheva to her ex-husband. For the sake of his wife he decided to hire a killer.

A native of Dagestan said that he agreed to the conditions of celebrity. Having received in advance a million rubles, the phone and SIM card, Cashew refused the order. According to him, “can hurt many people.” And the money he bought the items for explosive devices.

Also Politeka wrote, Kirkorov and Baskov confirmed that they are gay, his teeth.

We will remind, the time of the terrible explosion in Russia caught on camera: “cadres man-made disaster”.

As reported Politeka, Pugachev won the heart, the man collapsed to his knees: “the Third wheel”.

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