The doors in Kiev: German destroyed the Chinese , there are victims

 Лобовуха  в Киеве:  немец  уничтожил  китайца , есть жертвы

“The doors” in Kiev: “the German” killed “Chinese”, there are victims
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From Chinese cars is almost nothing left. Photo of Nikolai SHINKAREV

The tragedy happened on Goloseevsky Prospekt, 82.

This terrible accident happened on Monday, around 4 am goloseyevsky Avenue. As eyewitnesses tell, the car Chery Jaggi moved from the Odessa area. To meet him from the Moscow area was driving a Volkswagen Passat. What happened to the driver “German” – is not known, but Volkswagen dramatically changes the trajectory crosses a solid line and departure on an oncoming traffic line takes a battering RAM Chery. Witnesses claim that the driver of “Chinese” did not even have time to brake.

Is seconds, the car like a bullet jumped up and rammed Chery, blow was such force that both cars bounced over the road, – eyewitnesses speak.

 Лобовуха  в Киеве:  немец  уничтожил  китайца , есть жертвы

During impact the engine of China’s car flew into the cabin and killed the driver. Photo of Nikolai SHINKAREV

German driver of the sedan escaped with only a concussion, he was hit by the airbags. According to preliminary data, the man could fall asleep at the wheel. But in Chinese… the driver of Chery crushed by the engine and dashboard, three more passengers of the car ended up in the hospital in serious condition. Needless to say, the crash test Chinese car failed.

 Лобовуха  в Киеве:  немец  уничтожил  китайца , есть жертвы

According to preliminary data, the driver of a Volkswagen fell asleep at the wheel. Photo of Nikolai SHINKAREV


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