The dog was born with a terrible mutation: teeth sticking out of his ears

Собака появилась на свет со страшной мутацией: зубы торчат из ушей

In the United States, a dog born with a terrible mutation

This was reported by the Daily Star.

It is known that in dogs in the ear is a second mouth. It has teeth, and it secrete saliva. Heather Hernandez, owner picked up on the street a dog named toad and part-time owner of the animal shelter, says that, apart from this strangeness, her pet — a perfectly normal, loving animal.

Friendly dog loves to sit on master’s lap and when his stroke and deal with it. However, it is worth noting that at first the dog was acting a little aggressive towards the mistress, but with time it passed.

Собака появилась на свет со страшной мутацией: зубы торчат из ушей

“At first, when it in the beginning was examined by the vet, he decided that the toad has an extra ear… But it turned out that actually she only has one ear and two mouths!”, — says the dog’s owner.

Собака появилась на свет со страшной мутацией: зубы торчат из ушей

According to Heather, the dog is also not very good sees and hears, “because in her head all mixed up”.

Earlier it was reported that in India the calf was born with only two legs, the owner of the farm fighting for his life. A farmer named Calappa Kumbar afraid that the mother of the two-legged calf will not nurse a baby. A cow can ignore the unborn calf because of a faulty Constitution; it has only two back legs. The front is completely absent.

Full walk calf in condition, almost all the time the cub is. Not even trying to rise. That is why the farmer feeds him from the bottle.

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It is hoped that man will be able to teach the calf to walk on two legs, but at this point the baby can not do this. It pauses for a few seconds, balancing on two legs when it is supported by the people. For some reason, the calf was born with a horrible defect, not yet reported.

It is worth reminding that in India the cow is a sacred animal. To harm her is impossible in any case. Even beef for food use is prohibited. Moreover, it is believed that the cow brings good fortune, but because it cannot be thrown out of the house, and to kill.

We will remind that on one of the farms, there appeared an extraordinary creature, scaring the local inhabitants of their strange and frightening.

It was reported that giant catfish, which is bred in the Blue lake, broke up with the beach all vacationers.

Even Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians are asking hunters to save them from the wolves. In the evening the locals are afraid to go outside, because every morning find torn animals Pets.

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