The dog ran under bullets for the sake of inadequate host in Kiev: “drunken bum,”

Пес бросился под пули ради неадекватного хозяина в Киеве: "пьяный балбес"

Kiev police tried unsuccessfully to save the life of a faithful Stafa after a fight

The sad story has occurred yesterday in Kiev. Caused by a drunken master shot of fight dog. About it on the page in Facebook told police Evgeny Zborovsky.

According to the author, the drunk resident of the capital brought the dog to the supermarket without a muzzle and leash. He aggressively responded to the observation of others and even put up a fight. During the scuffle, opponents knocked the glass doors of the casino. Soon, the townspeople decided to connect the conflict to the dog and gave him the command “FAS”.

Пес бросился под пули ради неадекватного хозяина в Киеве: "пьяный балбес"

As a result, the staf rushed at the enemy and his heavily battered. According to police, the victim required medical assistance. Doctors hospitalized the man to the nearest hospital where you gave him 6 stitches for a torn ear and 8 stitches on his hand.

Soon to a supermarket called the police. Then inadequate the owner threw the dog and tried to escape. However, the patrol caught up with the alleged infringer. The latest hit in the Creek and showed aggression when the police tried to persuade him to attach to stash a collar with a leash. And even tried themselves to comply with these safety standards.

The dog was evaluated aggressive behavior as a sign of threat to the master. So I jumped on a patrol and knocked the blow in breast. The policeman managed to lose the dog and rolled to the side until it grabbed. Even after that the pet went on the attack. The police had to use service weapon and fire twice to neutralize the animal.

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Пес бросился под пули ради неадекватного хозяина в Киеве: "пьяный балбес"

Eugene said that the police promptly brought the wounded dog the vet on their own Prius. They were ready to provide full-fledged therapy dog, which rushed under bullets for the sake of a stupid owner. However, vets are unable to cure the patient. He died after 15 minutes on the operating table.

Owner Stafa failed to disappear from militiamen. The investigative team examined the surveillance and patrol of the supermarket, and also interviewed all the witnesses. Soon, the police detained the man. According to the author of the post, the suspect faces a real term for fighting.

“Sadly, when the stupidity of people suffer from animals,” — said Evgeny Zborovsky on the page. — “Great strong beast defended its master, as skill, and could not understand that he was drunk dunce… We are very fortunate that a patrol was not injured in this fight and protect others, very sorry for the animal, whose fate was in the hands of such irresponsible fool.”

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