The doctors went on a dangerous experiment, one head was never found

Врачи пошли на опасный эксперимент, одну голову так и не нашли

Pediatricians went on a dangerous experiment for the kids

Six paediatricians from Australia and the UK put yourself in the experiment. They swallowed the head of “LEGO men” and measured how much time it will take to return a toy part.

On average, the doctors returned her LEGO almost two days. In some cases a day or three. One of the pediatricians did not found his toy head.

Врачи пошли на опасный эксперимент, одну голову так и не нашли

Also, the participants of the experiment found that swallowed items did not affect consistency of faeces and did not cause any unpleasant sensations.

The experiment was conducted in order to reassure parents. Many people are worried that their children may be harmed by swallowing toy parts. Pediatricians say that there is nothing to fear — most likely, the child’s body even faster get rid of foreign objects.

However, researchers are advised to seek immediate medical attention if a child swallows sharp objects, magnets or coins (and even if he complains of pain in the abdomen).

We will note, recently scientists have discovered the age at which men need to have children, so they were born healthy.

For decades women were told that they put the health of their future children at risk if primarily engaged in a career, and family in the future. But a new study shows that men are also responsible.

Men should start a family before 35 years, their children had birth defects and were not born prematurely. In a study in which scientists studied the health of 40 million children from different countries, it was found that the risk of birth complications begins to rise when fathers about 35 years, and increases dramatically from the age of 45.

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This is because each year in men, there are two new mutations in the DNA of their sperm, says Professor of the school of medicine at Stanford University, Michael Eisenberg.

Врачи пошли на опасный эксперимент, одну голову так и не нашли

The researchers compared the health of newborns in daddy’s age 25-34 years and 35-44 years dad’s and found out that the children of the second group of parents was approximately 5% higher risk to be born prematurely or with low birth weight.

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