The doctors warned about the dangers of steroids for men’s health

Врачи предупредили об опасности стероидов для мужского здоровья

The doctors explained that threaten the health of men regular steroids.

Scientists from brown University in the US and Sheffield University in the UK has found an evolutionary paradox (Mossman-Pacey): men are hurting your fertility, trying to become more attractive, according to the with reference to

To get ripped body men take steroids, but the latter can negatively affect their fertility. Reported by the news publication of the air force.

Men use steroids to increase muscle mass. From the point of view of evolution, it helps them to achieve leadership and dominance among other men. Thus, they defend the right to transfer their genetic information first. “Pumped” appearance helps to gain the attention of women. However, it does not help to have offspring because of the lack of sperm in their ejaculate.

Steroids disrupt the normal functioning of the the testicles, which reduces sperm production, until the complete cessation.

Named useless diet returns the lost weight

Scientists estimate that up to 90% of men who use steroids can become sterile.

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