The doctors told why the heat is good for the brain

Врачи рассказали, почему жара полезна для мозга

Who useful to work in the heat.

Scientists have figured out how hot weather affects both men and women. With increasing temperature, men performed better only logical tasks, and in women, increases productivity, reports the with reference to Hyser.

A group of scientists from Germany conducted a study which involved five hundred men and women. The subjects at different temperatures to 32 degrees Celsius — took tests on cognitive, mathematical, and verbal ability.

The participants of the stacked two-digit numbers without a calculator, were the words from a random set of letters and solve logic problems.

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The study results showed that women were better able to cope with the tasks at high temperature. The man was turned out the opposite at lower temperatures. Elevated temperature enabled the men to perform better only logical problems. Scientists came to the conclusion that the best productivity in offices need to set the temperature a little higher than it is in most cases now.

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