The doctors told what is healthy and harmful for eyes

Врачи рассказали, какие продукты полезны и вредны для глаз

Eye health affects your visual acuity.

Eye, as they say, the mirror of the soul. And I want them to be healthy, clear, always shined. Will help to achieve not only specific drugs, but also the right products, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Very useful for eyes tomatoes are high in vitamins A and C, prevents the development of so-called twilight vision. Tomatoes contain antioxidants that protect against harmful light exposure.

For eye health important lutein is a beneficial pigment that the body does not produce on their own, but can receive only from outside. It accumulates in the tissues of the eye, mainly in the macula — the Central point of the retina where an image is formed, which receives the brain. In the drugstore you can buy vitamins with lutein. And it is a natural source of spinach.

Sweet pepper and corn — zeaxanthin suppliers. This antioxidant protects the lens and helps to maintain visual acuity. Zeaxanthin also filters UV rays which have a harmful effect on the eyes, and lowers the level of free radicals, protecting from visual fatigue.

Pumpkin is rich in various trace elements necessary for eyes, and vitamin a which helps prevent cataracts.

However, there are such products, the use of which may adversely affect the health of the eye.

Wheat bread. Its excessive consumption increases the risk of retinal degeneration. Bread and other high carbohydrate foods, dramatically increases the level of sugar in the blood and causes vision problems: may worsen the condition of the macula — the Central part of the retina.

Sausage and other meat products contain a lot of salt (it causes the appearance of edema) and cholesterol, which can lead to increased intraocular pressure.

Pickled vegetables are also very rich in salt, which retains fluid in the body and edema. The eyes will be swollen.

The main rules for the selection and storage of bread

Ice cream includes many different additives, such as tartrazine dye, which is a strong allergen. This substance can cause not only eye problems but also neck swelling, pruritus, migraine.

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