The doctors told us that mushrooms cure tuberculosis and prevent cancer

Медики рассказали, что грибы лечат туберкулез и препятствуют раку

The doctors told me what a positive impact on health have mushrooms

Doctors say that mushrooms due to the presence of large amounts of protein on their performance can beat even meat products.

For example, in dry mushrooms protein in 2 times more than in eggs, and 3 times – than in chicken meat. And when you consider that they are very low in fat, that makes fungi essential food for dieters.

Медики рассказали, что грибы лечат туберкулез и препятствуют раку

In addition, in fungi no sugars, which is so rich in fruits and vegetables, and the vitamins in them are preserved better. One serving of mushrooms phosphorus as much as in the same portion of the fish.

In mushrooms a lot of amino acids (18 pieces) and beta-glucans. These substances not only help the immune system but also prevent the development of cancer, improve brain function and boost immunity.

Медики рассказали, что грибы лечат туберкулез и препятствуют раку

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Equally important fungi in the diet of people with cardiovascular disease. Lecithin from mushrooms does not give in to “bad” cholesterol can accumulate in blood vessels and form plaques in them. This property of fungi is also useful for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Some types of mushrooms help in the treatment of tuberculosis, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, to cope with severe allergic diseases. These properties are ceps and boletus, chanterelles stabilize the work of this important body, the liver, and mushrooms make medicinal drugs, to help you cope with kidney failure and emphysema.

Mushrooms are also a great anti-inflammatory agent, as they are very high in potassium. Also, this product many special kind of protein – chitin (especially a lot of it’s legs, mushrooms), which is a kind of sponge, absorbing toxins from the intestines.

Медики рассказали, что грибы лечат туберкулез и препятствуют раку

However, chitin can cause heaviness in the stomach, so doctors suggest the stem of mushrooms to chop up as fine as possible, and before cooking mushrooms to boil them.

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