The doctors told me what not to wash down pills

Врачи рассказали, чем нельзя запивать таблетки

The optimal choice for medicine consuming ordinary water.

In combination with these medications can have dangerous effects on our body, reports the with reference to Accents.

Cough and cold cough and flu tablets usually take or for half an hour before meals or after, and to wash down them it is possible any juice, but not grapefruit. In combination with medications grapefruit juice can have a dangerous effect on our body.

It is impossible to wash down tablets with tea as tannin contained in it forms insoluble connections, and many drugs simply precipitate. To drink tea is not particularly a nitrogen-containing drugs: caffeine, papaverine, codeine, papaverine hydrochloride. And no medicine, you can never drink alcohol!

Antibiotics washed down with plenty of water, not less than a glass, so they do not hurt the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Drugs from the group of tetracyclines and lincosamides need to take standing up and drink plenty of plain water.

Antibacterial drugs, especially sulfonamides should be taken on an empty stomach and drink a glass of water. If You need to undergo treatment antibacterial preparations, during their reception it is necessary to drink alkaline mineral drinks for normal work of kidneys.

Dietary supplements recommended to drink any juice (except grapefruit) or water. Generally they are best taken after meals. Vitamins are washed down with water and taken either half an hour or half an hour after eating. To drink water also need digestive enzymes and preparations in capsules having a soluble envelope. To take such drugs either during or after eating.

The main rules for the selection and storage of bread

It may seem complicated to remember than you can and what you cannot drink a certain drug. But really nothing complicated. Enough to read the instructions or ask the attending physician, and if it is not possible to do this then drink the medicine water, can not go wrong for sure.

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