The doctors told me what drugs negatively affect the health of the teeth

Врачи рассказали, какие лекарства негативно влияют на здоровье зубов

Poor oral hygiene is associated with increased risk of heart disease, hypertension and even impotence.

However, scientists have proven that certain medications may adversely affect the health of the mouth, writes the with reference to

In particular, the analysis of the teeth of our ancestors after the excavation of graves showed that Neanderthals chewed plants containing salicylic acid, to combat dental pain.
However, this acid can erode tooth enamel — the outer surface of our teeth. Note that salicylic acid is the main active ingredient of aspirin — one of the most common drugs in the world.

The list of drugs that can cause dry mouth, the hundreds of names. These include proton pump inhibitors to combat heartburn, diuretics, beta-blockers for high blood pressure and numerous medicines based on antihistamines to combat allergic reactions, like hay fever. Antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine, can cause dry mouth, as they affect the histamine receptors in the salivary glands. This dryness can have negative effects on the health of the oral cavity, increasing the amount of harmful bacteria.

Taking certain oral contraceptives significantly increases the risk of development of alveolitis is a painful condition, which interferes with the normal healing of the hole after removal of the tooth. Because of this, the nerves and the bone remain under the influence of external stimuli, which causes severe pain and increases the risk of subsequent development of infection.

Medications for high blood pressure lead to such unpleasant side effects as the growth of the gum tissue. During it occurs the impression is that the gums start to grow outside of the teeth. Such drugs include calcium channel blockers, and phenytoin to prevent seizures and cyclosporin — immunosuppressive drug, which are taken after organ transplantation.

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Not the last role in poor oral hygiene play the inhalers for asthma. Up to 3% of their users are faced with a rash in the mouth caused by the fungus. All due to the fact that inhalers contain steroids that remain in the mouth and kill some “good” bacteria, thus changing the bacterial balance.

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