The doctors told me to give up anything to lose weight

Врачи рассказали, от чего отказаться, чтобы похудеть

Quickly you can lose weight, abandoning the sausage, doctors say.

To lose weight you can, if you abandon foods that have a lot of salt. Sausages usually are in such food product, according to the with reference on Voice.

According to doctors, cold cuts in General are not recommended if there are problems with the genitourinary system, and cardiovascular.

Regardless of the type of sausage, it is likely to contain large amounts of salt. Salt delays in the body fluid and holds, thus, weight.

Again, no sausage can not be considered a dietary product, because it contains various nutritional supplements and due to this it becomes very high in calories. For example, in the most inexpensive sausage – liver — 100 g liver sausage contains about 300 calories.

In addition, the figure is bad the presence of starch in the diet, and each sausage is starch – it is this element creates viscosity and provides retention of product shape.

The doctors called summer fruit that can help reduce the pressure

As for the smoked sausage, it is considered the most fat: 100 grams of this product contains the maximum for losing weight daily intake of fat.

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