The doctors told how to deal with flatulence

Flatulence is an unpleasant condition that occurs due to problems with digestion. Accompany them painful spasms of the intestine, and cause are found in the digestive system gases.

What causes bloating

Leaving aside reasons of health, most often in the formation of gas is to blame the products. It can be a complex dish that requires the digestive system hard work.

What should I avoid?

Part foods causing bloating, you should avoid to not get sick. This group includes products such as fat – fatty meats and cured meats, pates, meats, cheeses. Difficulties with digestion can be affected by cooking methods. Gases will lead fried foods especially deep-fried.

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Unwanted products includes vegetables, and this is mainly due to the large amount of fiber. This group includes beans, but also cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli or onions.

Bloating can trigger grain products: cereal, bran or whole grain foods, in connection with the presence of fiber.You should pay attention to the fruit. Some of them also contain fiber, but cause flatulence is rather present in these sugars, e.g., fructose. It is, in particular, in the popular apples, pears, plums or grapes.

Bloating cause even and dairy products, this is due to they contained lactose. In adults, usually very low level of lactase — the enzyme needed to digest lactose. Without it, it undergoes fermentation, resulting in gas in the intestine.

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Most often the formation of gas caused due to excessive consumption of sugar and sweets. Fatty and sweet desserts stick to the walls of the intestine and roam there. Forget about sugary carbonated drinks and some alcohol, especially red wine and beer.

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These products should not eat, because they have a negative impact on health and will not help to lose weight.


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