The doctors tell her who it is especially useful to eat eggplant

Медики рассказали, кому особенно полезно есть баклажаны

“Eggplant caviar overseas” — remember this phrase from the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”.

Nutritionists also confirm that the eggplant has a unique taste. In addition, the protein content of the vegetable approaches the meat, according to the with reference to

Blue, pink, white, purple varieties of eggplant a lot. But remember — the darker the peel, the greater the content of antioxidants. And the more of them, and the fresher the vegetable the better, says gastroenterologist, Larisa Boychenko:

— You need to pay attention to the stalk when the leaves that cover the edge of the eggplant – green, not dry, and the stalk is still virtually in the juice — this is the eggplant fresh.

The surface should be smooth and shiny, but not slippery. Also, eggplants should not be too soft, big and bitter, focuses dietician, Oksana Skitalinskaia:

— He can be very bitter, just as bitter, for example, potatoes. This is because it is the substance solanine. And this substance is quite poisonous to humans, so it is better to choose eggplants small size, thin, blue.

But if you have already purchased a large fruit — do not be discouraged. Bitterness is easy to get rid of. Eggplant should be soaked in water. But of course before this procedure the vegetable or berry, this is how eggplant is called by scientists, need to cut. Now soak for half an hour. And all the bitterness goes into the water. There are other ways. Too easy, says associate Professor Kyiv national trade-economic University, Nataliya Yasinskaya:

— You can cut vegetables, add salt and wait for some time. On the surface you will see water droplets. They need to wash off the bitterness will disappear. Can you weld the eggplant and gently squeeze.

But remember — during the preparation of salting the eggplant is not worth it, and so they contain a lot of salt. Oil also put a little bit, otherwise the vegetable will become fat and no longer act as a detox product. If the oil do not overdo it, the eggplant is actually very low in calories. And very useful, especially for women over forty, argues dietitian, Oksana Skitalinskaia:

— It evens the level of sex hormones, as it has a slight extragene a similar effect. Young women have no symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. In older women – there were no signs of menopause, when hot, in cold, manifested by sweating, etc.

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And remember, the eggplant is consumed in the season in small portions daily. And to combine them better with herbs and other vegetables.

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