The doctors shared a simple methods of improving memory

Медики поделились простыми методиками улучшения памяти

These tactics can be used by everyone.

The ability to learn is the most amazing and important as a healthy person. This feature is directly linked to our memory and logical thinking, according to the with reference to get to Know yourself.

Over time, however, learning ability may weaken, and to not let it happen we discuss in the present article. Here are some effective tips to improve your ability to remember information.


Memory card is a very effective exercise for the development of our learning. Its essence lies in the fact that a certain important event you are celebrating on a small piece of paper in the form of any symbol, number, or phrase. For a week or two, you put your card and forget about it. Using telephone reminders within the specified period you get the card and looking at the picture, phrase, or figure, details trying to recall the chain of events that preceded the recording.

It is proved that this exercise helps to strengthen the conducting of neural connections in the brain. Therefore, school examinations are not only a way of checking students ‘ knowledge, but also an effective learning process.

Synthesize old and new information

Compare new information with what you already know — so you better learn the new data in the future, it will be easier for them to remember. This exercise is very different from simple learning. For example, if a school physics lesson you heard something about heat transfer, try to begin to comprehend this concept through the lens of their existing knowledge and life experience. For example, remember how the heat is transferred to your hands from the hot Cup.


At the end of the day or after important meetings take a few minutes to remember the chain of past events. Analyze behavior and actions, where would you have done differently, knowing the possible consequences. Psychologists from Harvard University of business and Finance argue that the analysis during the day can increase the productivity of that employee by 30%.


Because people tend to create false memories, as often as possible analyze your knowledge and experience. Become a scientist who exposes the zealous study of his own memory. Check your judgment of an absolute reality.

Nutritionists have called the most dangerous “snacks”

This item is very important as we all sometimes are victims of illusion. We are sure that our opinion on a particular issue perfectly, while clear, it would seem that the memory is, for example, a scene viewed movie, or just an illusion of memory.

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