The doctors found that uggs develop wrong walking

Врачи выяснили, что угги развивают неправильную ходьбу

Warm and comfortable ugg boots, which have become real favorites in the winter season, really can be dangerous for your health

With the onset of the cold season, we are very keen to insulate. Surely many in the winter closet there is a pair of Australian boots. It is not strange, because uggs are very comfortable shoes. But the doctor Ian Mcdemott claims that such shoes still better to get rid of because it can cause irreparable harm to our health, reports Сlutch.

Врачи выяснили, что угги развивают неправильную ходьбу


The fact is that during wear, the foot is not fixed, which in turn causes discomfort and the development of irregular walk. Fragile the material of which the outsole is made of ugg, disturb the function of motion and causes deformation of the foot. With each passing step, my leg hurt more and more. Plus, due to the lack of a heel in this Shoe, the heel descends and takes the wrong position.

It is proved that such an imbalance and a low level of leg support. This increases the risk of developing diseases of the ankles, knees and hips. Moreover, when the legs are in constant tension, and increase the chances of getting a sprain.

Врачи выяснили, что угги развивают неправильную ходьбу

Especially not recommended to wear ugg boots kids. Their skeleton is still under development, but such shoes can cause violations of basic functions of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Excessive loading also changes the knee and pelvic bones. And this is one of the main causes of diseases of the spine.

Modern podiatrists are strongly advised to refuse buying this type of footwear. If this is not possible, it is better to limit their wearing. Alternatively, doctors suggest wearing them a few hours a day and always with breaks.

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