The doctors explained what to replace sunflower oil

Врачи объяснили, чем заменить подсолнечное масло

Every day we eat food rich in fats and very often, adding more butter to the salad, porridge or pancakes.

And the most common is the sunflower, which negatively affects the human body, according to the with reference to

We have gathered for you the oil that might be useful to you:

Linseed oil. It consists of 80% omega-3, so it has an odor. Useful to the immune system, activates the brain, good for the heart, blood vessels, digestion system, helps to get rid of constipation. Has a small shelf life as it oxidizes rapidly. Store in the refrigerator and do not use if the oil has become bitter.

Sesame oil. Contains lecithin which helps restore liver cells. Helps to regulate cholesterol levels. And very rich in calcium. Has a pleasant nutty taste and smell.

Pumpkin oil — a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. I love to add it to oatmeal and salads. Stimulates the immune system, increases the protective properties of the organism, improves intestinal motility and biliary tract, slows the aging process, helps to regulate carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Even helps to improve reproductive function in men.

Scientists have found a molecule that helps fight cancer

And many more — the choice is big enough. The main rule is not to heat the crude oil. Otherwise they will quickly oxidize and become carcinogenic. Oil for frying’ll talk to you next time and remember, a healthy diet is to maximize diversity. It is both delicious and healthy.

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