The doctors explained how to protect yourself from the mites and not an infection

Врачи объяснили, как уберечься от клещей и не подцепить инфекцию

Spring delights us with flowers, green grass and frighten the bloodthirsty ticks.

How do you protect yourself, children and Pets from these insects, and what action should be taken if all the parasite managed to bite you and cling, reports the online edition of the with reference to

These arthropods give people the horror of the force after each access to the Park or going on nature, giving to examine your clothing, inspect your body and pet hair, to remove the threat of the bloodsuckers.

How do you protect yourself, children and Pets from these insects, and what action should be taken if all the parasite managed to bite you and cling to the body?

Each year register flash activation ticks. This is due to the rather warm winter and early spring, the rapid increase in the number of wild rodents, which are potential donors for mites.

There are more than 48,000 species of mites. For humans and animals dangerous are blood-sucking mites that can cause serious diseases: encephalitis, dengue fever, Lyme disease, spirochetes, rickettsias.

The most dangerous disease is considered a tick-borne encephalitis. The infection in the blood after the bite of an infected tick, affects the Central nervous system of man, may occur paralysis of the limbs. The mortality rate from the bite of encephalitic ticks is 20%.

The tick bites are also dangerous to animals that can become infected with Lyme disease that affects not only nervous, but also cardiovascular system.

The activation of mites season begins in may and lasts until late September, although in mid-April there are the first adults. The number of ticks is growing very fast. By mid-may the number of ticks reaches the highest values. High tick activity is maintained almost until the beginning of July, then decreases. But a single murderous insects can continue the hunt until the end of September.

Mites love to dwell in the grass on the roadside of the tracks, bloodsuckers are attracted to the scent donors. The insect climbs on shoes or clothing, the paws of an animal and climb up in search of a comfortable place to bite. The tick bite goes unnoticed because the parasite enters the skin, a substance resembling in composition a local anesthetic.

For protection from ticks, use special products based on acaricides “breeze”, “picnic articles”, “Tornado-articles”, “RAM”.

Lack of funds — contraindication for children. These funds are used only for adults and animals. Their use discourages mites, cause them paralysis. The effect of the drug lasts up to 14 days.

To protect children from ticks use insect repellents “, Biban”, “Moskitol-articles”, “Off! The extreme”. Drugs are sprayed on the clothes of the children, their effect persists for 5 days.

To protect their Pets from ticks, use special drops, collars. These tools will save dogs and cats from dangerous insects.

When choosing a collar, you should know that these remedies against ticks are of three types: biological, chemical, ultrasonic.

The most effective and safe are ultrasonic dog collars, because they do not contain toxic substances.

Second is a biological safety collars impregnated with natural substances that effectively destroy the parasites without causing the harm to the animal. Such collars can be used even patients small pregnant animals.

Chemical collars impregnated with a potent toxic substances. Such collars are suitable only for adults and healthy cats and dogs.

Mites usually choose animal place for a bite behind the ears, in the neck, head, groin, cheek meat, since the animals can’t get to these places teeth to destroy the parasite.

Preventive measures

The most effective time for control of ticks – spring or autumn. The spring treatment is a site of special drugs will deprive the mites to multiply. Before using drugs, you need to mow the grass, clean up leaves and branches from the site.

Treatment areas conduct the following types of drugs:

  • repellent poisons (scare the bloodsuckers);
  • insecticide-repellent means. The drugs have broad spectrum of action, completely destroy ticks, preventing their re-invasion;
  • acaricide funds. These drugs destroy ticks on the territories near the houses.

Processing sections it is desirable to produce the professionals, as the drugs are toxic and require caution in their use.


Going for a walk in the Park or a trip to the cottage, follow the simple rules:

  • apply to clothing and skin special funds from ticks;
  • try to wear clothing that covers legs, arms, neck;
  • after returning home, do a thorough inspection of your clothing for ticks;
  • if found stuck on the body of the tick, seek medical assistance In the clinic to quickly and painlessly get the bloodsucker;
  • to retrieve the tick is dangerous, because of the inept actions can lead to that come off part of the insect, and the head remain under the skin, resulting in the best case, the inflammation in this area of the skin;
  • there are several ways self-extracting ticks, but not everyone is able to fully remove the tick.

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Take care of yourself and your loved ones, Pets, use care, spend time processing area in the country and enjoy the fresh air! Don’t let the mites the opportunity to deprive you of enjoying the lovely summer weather!

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