The doctors called the useful properties of bananas

Врачи назвали полезные свойства бананов

This fruit has many useful properties.

Bananas – very useful and tasty product. They contain many important nutrients, improve digestion, strengthen heart health and provide weight loss, according to the with reference to the Telegraph.

Besides the fact that they are very nutritious, they are also a convenient snack. The use of bananas reduces the risk of cancer and asthma.

What nutrients is rich in bananas

Bananas contain digestible carbohydrates and also glucose, fructose and sucrose. In addition, bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins.

There is a perception that bananas must be abandoned during a diet, as it is saturated with starch. But nutritionists do not agree – bananas are malic acid, and enzymes, thanks to which carbohydrates are digested better. In addition, the banana can help the body maintain a certain blood sugar level, so you don’t get any bouts of uncontrollable appetite. The good news for dieters is that in 100 grams of banana contains only 90 calories, fat bananas at all.

When we eat bananas, we get vitamins C and E as well as vitamin B6, which is responsible for keeping the level of glucose in the blood and helping to calm the nervous system. Thanks contained in bananas iron can raise hemoglobin level in the blood.

Who needs to eat bananas

Very useful banana for people who require potassium. One banana, we get about 400 mg of potassium, which in turn strengthens the heart muscle, normalizes heart activity, struggling with high blood pressure.

Know how useful a banana, and those people who suffer from pain in the stomach. Banana is the only fruit that can be eaten raw without fear to cause ulcers or chronic gastritis. Benefits of bananas also is that it contains fiber and pectin which improve digestion.

Bananas help heartburn

This fruit also neutralize the acid what is heartburn. Banana is also useful for people suffering from vascular diseases, diseases that are accompanied by edema, kidney disease. Potassium from bananas helps to regulate water-salt metabolism, displays the body of excess fluid, improves the provision of oxygen to the brain. So 1-2 bananas a day will help you become more alert and save you from depression.

The influence of gardening on mental health

Women who suffer from PMS should eat bananas before the critical days. Due to this, the PMS symptoms will not be as sharp as usual. Banana also includes a number of products that need to eat after a workout.

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